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Stihl Stihl Trimmers

Stihl Grass Trimmers, Brush-cutters and clearing saws quickly tame long grass and undergrowth. The Machines can be fitted with the appropriate cutting tool for mowing small areas of grass to thinning out overgrown thickets.
Honda Honda Trimmers

Our Honda range of Trimmers use 4-stroke rather than standard 2-stroke engines which make them a lot quieter to use but no less powerful.
Bosch Bosch Trimmers

To put the finishing touches to your lawn you will need to trim the areas that you lawnmower cannot reach. Often a pair Grass sheers will suffice but it can be hard work and time consuming so we suggest looking at ART Cordless and Corded ranges with so many to choose from we suggest you come into our showroom or give us a call. Always happy to help.
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