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View more Bosch Lawnmowers
Bosch Bosch Electric Lawnmowers

If your lawn is a space for playtime and leisure, you’ll want to spend as little time as possible keeping it in shape. The new Rotak Electric Rotary Mowers from Bosch come with a power drive system which effortlessly cut through all types of grass. Our range starts from £99...


View more Bosch Chainsaws
Bosch Bosch Chainsaws

In order to enjoy a tidy garden often a chainsaw has an important role to play, but the right chainsaw is often a difficult choice especially when there's so many make's and model's...

Blowers / Vacuums

View more Bosch Blowers / Vacuums
Bosch Bosch Blowers & Vacuums

If you like everything to be kept clean and tidy then there is nothing better than a Bosch Electric Blower and Vacuum range cordless or corded, a great addition to a gardeners arsenal. The ALS2500 with 2.5Kw motor collects and mulches wet leaves in no time and all for just £79.99. Other models are available. Please contact us for more information.


View more Bosch Hedgecutters
Bosch Bosch Hedgecutters

Shrubs and Hedges are normally very easy to maintain but regular cutting is by far the most efficient way of looking after them and with the ISIO Shrub Sheer or more commonly, heavy duty ASB ranges you won’t have any trouble working your way through the hedge rows. Our Prices start from £54.99


View more Bosch Trimmers
Bosch Bosch Trimmers

To put the finishing touches to your lawn you will need to trim the areas that you lawnmower cannot reach. Often a pair Grass sheers will suffice but it can be hard work and time consuming so we suggest looking at ART Cordless and Corded ranges with so many to choose from we suggest you come into our showroom or give us a call. Always happy to help.


View more Bosch Shredders
Bosch Bosch Shredders

For you to be able to enjoy a tidy garden having the right saws and shredders is essential using either AKE cordless multi saw range together with one of the AXT shredders, What doesn’t end up as fire wood will soon be mulch to add to your compost bin. Prices start from: £359.99
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